Friday, October 26, 2012

steve mckenzie's

let me welcome you to the brand new world of steve mckenzie's.  indulge yourself with this small sampling of a very inspiring endeavor that has come to fruition by the brilliance of both steve mckenzie and his wife jill.  they are the perfect example of when two stellar minds merge to create a brand full of heart, unparalleled design sense and a pure love for the home.  their extensive experience in and around the home interiors realm has brought them to a 3200 square foot atlanta showroom in the ever expanding westside design district.  inspired by steve's fine art paintings, their signature line of fabrics are fresh and vivid. they have been translated into a dreamland of upholstery and pillows.....all created in fine belgian linen like icing on a cake.

go be inspired.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

my one and only

she was my first model.  i was probably no more than 14 years old.  she let me dress her up in whatever thrift store treasures i might have found and then patiently let me photograph her until my hearts content.  she has always had an elegance about her...only surpassed by the extraordinary kindness that lies deep within her heart.  she taught me how to see.  i learned to look at the extraordinary in my every day surroundings - the light, the textures and especially the smallest things in nature.  not only did she teach me the art of appreciation but unknowingly she developed my eye for photography.  

so today and every day, i envelope her with all the love she has placed in my heart since the day i was born.

happy mother's day to my one and only.